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Opportunity Knocks 

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Opportunity Knocks is a non-paid internship program for high school students that allows them to take advantage of job shadow experienced CNC Machinists in a real-world working environment while earning school credit.

The semester course, which takes place at Ketchie Inc., offers a real-world learning experience. Students attend two-hour sessions four days a week, with three days dedicated to shadowing experienced CNC machinists on the shop floor. The remaining day is spent in a classroom setting, where they use the Craftsmen With Character curriculum to slow down and discover dignity and purpose in work, character traits, and what is truly important in life.

As students gain valuable insight into machining, they also observe virtuous skills in action daily by their mentors. The impact on their lives will be as significant personally as it is professionally.

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The mentors in the Opportunity Knocks program are not only experienced and talented machinists, they are passionate craftsmen that have a passion to share their knowledge with the next generation.  

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High school seniors who are interested in a career where they can work on a team to connect their heart, hands, and head to make a positive impact in their community. 



Ketchie inc. President and Owner,

Courtney Silver and Sales & Marketing Manager Andy Silver. 

Grey Limbo


The biggest threat to the strength of American manufacturing is the current skills gap.

Manufacturing desperately needs more creators! 

So we are exposing high school students to the numerous intriguing possibilities in machining to spark more interest in our industry. Opportunity Knocks is a job shadowing internship providing students with a pathway to a successful career while securing manufacturing in capable hands for the future. 

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